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A.Choose the correct answer.
  1. Nabil was late last night, ________________ his father punished him.


  1. Amina is an excellent cook. ________________ her daughter is a terrible one.

although/as a result/whereas

  1. The injury Amine had was________________ the terrible accident.

because/caused by/due to the fact that

  1. Nadia is working hard ________________ fail the exam.

so that/in order not to/so as  to

B. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form.

  1. Salma didn’t want to see a doctor because she (already, see) ________________ one before.
  2. Amine’s clothes were dirty because he ( play) ________________ football for a long time.
  3. Salim (do) ________________ his homework first then he (visit) ________________ his friend.
  4. The train (already, leave) ________________ by the time we (get) ________________
  5. to the station.
  6. The patient ( die ) ________________ after the doctor ( come) ________________.

C. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form( gerund or infinitive

  1. Leila decided (work) ________________ hard to get good results in the Bac exam.
  2. Amine enjoys (play) ________________ football in his free time.
  3. Anas is looking forward to ( see) ________________ his pen-friend soon.
  4. I feel like (listen) ________________ to music now, I want to have a rest after this hard day .
  5. Amine pretended (not, see) ________________ Anas when he was crossing the road.

D. What do these sentences express?

  1. “Could you possibly lend me your book, please?”
  2. “I am afraid but I can’t. I have a test tomorrow”
  3. I am not sure I got your point.
  4. Would you mind clarifying that, please?
  5. Could you explain that more fully, please?
  6. Would you be so kind as to post this letter for me?

E. Fill in the blanks with a word from the list.

tight-fisted      basic-education      kind-hearted      absent-minded      open-minded      private-schools
red-handed      self-reliant      well-known      educational-system      formal-education      left-handed

  • Moroccan cuisine is ________________ for its delicious dishes.
  • ________________ people can’t make friends because they are too mean to offer even a cup of tea.
  • All children should have access to ________________.
  • The police caught the criminal________________ so, he can’t deny his crime.
  • We should be ________________ towards other cultures to co-exist and accept each other.
  • ________________ people are successful in their lives, because they don’t rely on the others.