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Mrs  Naima still remembers the days when she was a housemaid. She worked for a wealthy family since she was 9. "Although they were kind and sympathetic, the idea that I was an illiterate maid was giving me a lot of pain," Naima complained. "But it was until I joined a literacy circle organized by a local NG association that my life started to change," she added.
Now, Mrs Naima is the manager of a literacy association that she established with the collaboration with other ex-illiterates. She really owes her present situation to the first moment she picked up a pen and a paper. Her most enjoyable moment is when she wrote her first speech and read it out to a large audience of educated people.


A. Answer with TRUE or FALSE, then JUSTIFY your answer from the text.

  1. Naima is now a housemaid.
  2. Naima set up the literacy association with the help of her husband.

B. Complete these sentences from the text.

  1. The family Naima served were______________________________________
  2. A local NG association organized _________________________________

C. Find in the text words having the same meaning as…

  1. very rich
  2. polite
  3. help
  4. happy


A. Write the verbs in brackets in the Simple Past or Past Perfect.

  1. She (do) ______________ the housework before she (go) ______________ shopping.
  2. I wish I (see) ______________ her face when you told her the news.
  3. The Romans (build) ______________ fortresses all around Britain.

B. Fill in the blanks with : to   so that   so as to

  1. We should collaborate on this project ______________ we can achieve good results.
  2. Advertisements are used ______________ sensitize people to the importance of literacy.
  3. Naima learned to read and write ______________ change her miserable life.

C. Link these sentences by using the expressions in brackets.

  1. He didn't respect the speed limits. He had an accident. (consequently)
  2. Naima didn't want to stay a maid all her life. She went to a literacy circle. (because)
  3. The school was far. He dropped out. (so)

D. Fill in the blanks with right word from this list.

      accomplishment,   trouble,   look after,   urban,    partnership

  1. Young people have __________ finding jobs these days because many don't have adequate diplomas and enough experience.
  2. Industrial pollution and overcrowded neighborhoods  are two main problems of _________ areas.