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Fill in the blanks with the correct linking words from the list.

due to    in order not      so as to      as a result      because
not only…but…also…      despite      although      so that      such as

  • _________________ Brahim is one my best friends, he didn’t invite me to his party.
  • Elizabeth didn’t feel well _________________ she had eaten too much chocolate.
  • John worked hard all year; _________________, he had excellent marks.
  • She left home early _________________ she could arrive home early.
  • _________________ the cold weather, they went swimming.
  • The football match was cancelled _________________ heavy rain.
  • UNESCO works to promote fields of interest _________________ education, science and culture.
  • He pretended to be ill _________________ to go to school.
  • She went to England _________________ practise her English.
  • He  _________________ teaches in a school, _________________ he _________________ gives private lessons.


Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

  • Whe she (arrive) _________________ home yesterday, the match (already/start) _________________.
  • I (be) _________________ very tired because I (study) _________________ too much.
  • I (wait) _________________ there for more than two hours before he finally arrived.
  • Do you feel like (go) _________________ for a walk ?
  • Susan promised (finish) _________________ the project within two weeks.


Match the following words to form collocations.

A. basic
B. cultural
C. adult
D. free
E. cultural

  • education
  • access
  • offence
  • illiteracy
  • backgrounds


Fill in each blank with one of the collocations above.

  • _________________   _________________   to multimedia room empowers students’ skills.
  • Every individual has the right to _________________   _________________   to act as an active member of society.
  • The problem of _________________   _________________   can be solved by organising non-formal evening classes.
  • There is no _________________   _________________   to Moroccan people if you eat with your fingers.
  • Even with different _________________   _________________,   people can understand each other through face-to-face communication.


What would you say in the following situation?

You didn’t get the meaning of “BLOG” when your teacher explained it.
YOU: …